Greece customers spray cotton with Joyance drones

Our customer Alex from Greece said:
We have tested the drone extensively and we are very satisfied with the performance.
Already have logged more than 100 battery cycles, almost all full flights and we have learned a lot about it.
Next week we are going to start spraying real pesticides to test the end results, but everything looks great so far. Truly, you have a very good product!

Greece spray drone

Greek spray drone

Greek drone sprayer

This a video of spraying real pesticide on cotton. The field is a bit more than 10000 sq.m

Greek sprayer drone spray cotton

We have already done 2 demonstrations for local dealers last week and we have 2 scheduled for this week.
The cotton results are excellent. The farmers cannot notice any worms and we have been invited to spray a compound to drop the leaves.
In total we sprayed over 100 hectares in our area. Unfortunately all cotton. We have down some tests with apple trees last week, but we cannot tell because we didn't use pesticide.
I can say that we have good responses in general and we ourselves are also confident that your drones work.
I will contact you soon to send more videos and pictures.

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