JT15L-608 Pro sprayer drone working videos feedback from user

JT15L-608 Pro sprayer drone, this model is very popular and much efficient,
has 4pcs electrostatic centrifugal nozzles,
can spray on crops and fruit trees,
has better spraying effect than ordinary nozzles.
Nozzle: 4pcs electrostatic centrifugal nozzles
Spray span: 6-8m
Coverage: 1.3 HA per tank/flight in 10 minutes, 6-8HA per hour
Droplet size: 50-100 microns
Penetration height: 7m
Flight height: 1-3m above the plants
Applications: crops, fruit tree, flower, vegetable
Chemical: liquid pesticide, insecticide, fertilizer, herbicide

Details about this model: http://www.joyance.tech/html/sprayer/products/15L_agriculture_spraying_drone.html

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