2015 The Second China International Agricultural Aviation Te


2015 The Second China International Agricultural Aviation Technology Development Forum was held in Shanghai on December 10, 2015.

Agricultural aviation is to expand the connotation of agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery extending from the ground to the sky, is one of the main symbol of agricultural modernization, agricultural aviation technology is mainly used in planting, fertilizing and detection of plants, soil, water condition, aerial plant protection and respond to emergency situations. Because of crop area is relatively large, and the terrain is more complex, so there are many different models. On the current situation, our country's agricultural aviation plant protection technology and foreign advanced level there is a gap, but with the transfer of land, the traditional plant protection practices are no longer suitable for the status quo, so to develop our country and no manned aircraft plant protection manned aircraft plant protection, plant protection technology to promote China's agricultural and aviation industry healthy and rapid development imperative.

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