ultra low volume technology

ultra low volume technology


 These concentrates may approach 100 percent active ingredient.
 They are designed to be used “as is” or to be diluted with only small quantities of a specified carrier.
 They are used at rates of no more than 1/2 gallon per acre.
 These special purpose formulations are used mostly in outdoor applications, such as in agricultural, forestry, ornamental, and mosquito control programs.

 Advantages of ultra-low-volume formulations include:
 Relatively easy to transport and store
 Remain in solution; little agitation required
 Not abrasive to equipment
 Will not plug screens and nozzles
 Leave little visible residue on treated surfaces

 The use of ultra-low volume pesticide spraying operation can limit the cost of water and pesticides. Moreover, using remote control allows the operator to stay away from chemical pollution, it’s greatly reducing the harm to the operator.

 It is designed and manufactured by Joyance Tech with complete patents protection.
 It does not require a runway to takeoff or landing, it takes off vertically. Intelligent Auto pilot system has been installed, which effectively lowers the operation difficulty and the risks.
 Flying at low altitude of several meters, the dusting effect can be controlled in the sight-distance range.
 It is suitable for all kinds of complex terrain farmlands and the crops and woods of different heights. Accurate dusting can be achieved for different crops in the adjacent farmlands.
 Due to intelligent Auto pilot system installed, the dusting operation can be mastered via simple training.

 The dosage of pesticide is reduced, so it can minimize the pollution of pesticide to the environment and crops.
 It is not harmful to the operator in the distances when dusting, and the labor intensity is reduced dramatically.

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