Fire fighting solution drone

Fire fighting
Extinguish fire with aerial video
Fire fighting is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. While most people move away from dangerous scenes, fire fighters are expected to enter hazardous environments to evacuate distressed people or animals. During a fire fighting operation rescue workers may face heat, flames and a toxic environment caused by combusting materials.
Unfortunately, currently available equipment does not enable fire fighters to evaluate the situation inside the premises. As a result, fire fighters often enter a building or establishment without knowing what they will find in terms of heat, flames, toxics or evacuees.
This issue can be overcome by employing unmanned aircraft systems to do reconnaissance of the firegrounds in terms of oxygen/toxin levels, flame spread and source of the fire. The key advantages are that operation times can be decreased as a result of better targeting of the source of the fire and the reconnaissance can create safer (working) environments for the fire fighters.

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