Telecom phone mast inspection

Telecom phone mast inspection
Helping millions stay connected
Telecom providers rely on phone masts and antennae for the mobile connectivity of their phone users. Depending on the density of the area, the network of thousands of people may depend on the working of a single antenna. To ensure optimal connectivity, it is important telecom providers inspect their antennae masts frequently. Traditionally, this took the form of manual inspection but we present a more effective and efficient solution for all parties involved.
Due to the height at which the typical antenna is strategically placed on a mast, it is difficult for inspectors to reach it. Traditional methods used for the inspection include a cherry picker, service platform, hydraulic crane or rope ascent. The problem with all these is that they are time-consuming, expensive and dangerous.
We present a more efficient, effective and safe solution. From the ground the inspector controls and positions the mobile unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in the sky. A live feed with on-board customizable sensors permits the inspection to be carried out at a safe distance. Time and money is saved by not needing heavy equipment for the inspection. The advantage of the UAS is that it can be equipped with several sensors, including a high-resolution recorder, thermal images and even a multispectral camera at more cost-effective prices than traditional methods.

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